Our Cups

At Costa we are proud of our iconic takeaway cups and are working hard to ensure that more of them are being recycled.

We know you, our customers, are concerned. We are too. It’s a complex issue which requires the support of other coffee shops, manufacturers, waste companies, local authorities and customers.

As the UK’s largest coffee shop brand, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to recycle your used paper takeaway cups. Over 2,000 of our stores now recover and recycle any paper takeaway cup left or returned to our stores (see our T&Cs here.)

Through accepting all paper coffee cups – including those from our competitors – we hope to recycle over 30 million takeaway cups each year. See our latest infographic here.

In addition, we are also offering customers 25p off any hot or cold handcrafted drink when served in a reusable cup. Keep an eye out for our two new multipurpose reusable cups coming soon to a store near you.

Costa is committed to taking a lead on cup recycling and, like many others, we are working hard to find a cup that can be recycled anywhere. We have recently given our support to the Hubbub Square Mile Challenge launching in April 2017, which will see a variety of businesses and Hubbub introducing coffee cup recycling facilities across the city in London. Whilst there is more work to be done in partnership with the wider industry and the Paper Cup Manifesto, we continue to review, and invest heavily in, new cup innovation and hope to find a long term, sustainable, solution to this complex issue. 

Creating a litter free environment

We are encouraging our customers to get more from their daily cup of coffee, by offering 25p off any hot or cold handcrafted drink every time they use a reusable cup in our stores (See Terms & Conditions.) We want to help cut down on waste and create a better environment – working with UK litter charities on national programmes including ‘The Great British Spring Clean’. Hear more about our work with Keep Britain Tidy in the video above. Don’t have a reusable cup? Pick up a Costa reusable cup in store today – all profits from the sale of the cup will be donated to the Costa Foundation to help build schools in coffee growing communities across the world.

Upcycle your cup

While we’re working to ensure more of our cups are recycled, why not first get creative with yours and up-cycle them for fun? Get inspired from the video above.