Great taste without the waste

We want our coffee to leave a lasting impression on you, not our environment. That's why we do everything we possibly can to use sustainable and recyclable products and equipment.

Our Cups

At Costa we are truly passionate about our iconic takeaway cup. Our paper cups come from card made of sustainable wood pulp from forests in northern Europe. Our cups are recyclable, but we’re working hard to ensure more are recovered and recycled. Click here to read more.

Our Machines

We’re always wide-awake and ready to serve you, but our machines don’t need to be! Our smart coffee machines go to sleep when they’re not needed, which helps towards reducing our carbon emissions. We even recycle all our coffee sacks into carpet underlay. In 2012 this was made official when our team was given the first international environmental accreditation for any Coffee Roastery.


Our coffee roastery is one of the greenest in the world with year on year carbon reduction, an amazing 100% renewable energy supply and 0% waste to landfill.

Last year we diverted over seven thousand tonnes of waste and increased our recycling in-store. Many of our stores recycle their organic waste and coffee grounds helping create renewable fuels. Recently we even recycled over three tonnes of unwanted uniforms using our existing delivery lorries to pick up bags of clothes from most of our stores.

Our Grounds for Grounds Project

At Costa we make the most of every one of our coffee beans. That’s why through the Costa Grounds for Grounds project, customers can come into our stores to request our used coffee grounds for free.

These grounds can bring your garden to life either as a natural plant fertiliser or to create a naturally balanced compost pile. We hear they are great for fending off snails and slugs too!

Pop in to store now to request your grounds and watch your garden flourish!

Supporting British Farmers

With 95% of our drinks requiring milk, it is essential that we offer high quality milk while supporting the British Dairy industry and safeguarding future British milk supplies. Working in partnership with our dairy processors, our milk comes from cows on farms across England and Wales. All our farms are Red Tractor Assured meaning the animal welfare of our dairy cows is protected and the farms they live on are always safe and operates in an environmentally responsible way. We have built up a good relationship with our suppliers and are committed to maintaining that relationship, ensuring the price we pay is fair, sustainable and reviewed regularly. This ensures we have an end-to-end solution for the supply of milk, from cow to cup.

Having a sustainable milk supply allows us utmost traceability in the milk we supply to our stores and we are committed to supporting the British dairy industry and safeguarding future British milk supplies.