Respecting the Planet at Every Step

Thinking circular

Recycling logoAs a global coffee business, we always want to challenge ourselves to do better and we know that to continue to inspire the world to love great coffee, we also need to think carefully about how we recycle and reuse our resources. That's why we're committed to thinking in a circular way across all our operations, as well as our supply chain.

We’re not starting from scratch, we’ve been working to reduce our environmental impact and grow our business sustainably for a long time. We continue to innovate to drive change in our industry at every step. You can read more about our current areas of focus below.

Cups and packaging

Learn all about what goes into our iconic cups to make them as sustainable as possible here. Plus, how we're promoting recycling and driving reuse wherever we can.

Managing waste

Our goal is to reduce food and packaging waste wherever we can. From reusing our coffee grounds, to how we recycle our plastics, discover the initiatives we've put into place here.

Reducing our footprint

We take climate change seriously at Costa. That's why we're continuously working at reducing our carbon footprint and reviewing our water use, from bean to cup.