Rainforest Alliance

We ensure that 100% of our coffee beans come from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. 


We were the first UK coffee shop chain to commit to sourcing 100% of our coffee and cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms

A better future for nature, people and businesses

Coffee growing farmers harvesting coffee cherries The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation, working to create a better future for people and nature by making responsible business the new normal. By working together with farmers, businesses and consumers, its aim is to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and farming communities, and help them adapt to climate change.

The Rainforest Alliance, and its little green frog seal, is recognised by companies and consumers around the world as a symbol of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Rainforest Alliance certification makes a huge impact across a whole range of different areas. These can be split up into 3 sections: people, planet and profit.


Rainforest Alliance Certified farms are better and safer places to work, where human rights are respected.


Farmers are trained to use land, water and energy very carefully, so that these important resources aren’t wasted.


Rainforest Alliance farming methods lead to better, larger crops with lower production costs. This equals more money for our fantastic farmers!

Working with the Rainforest Alliance

Farmer holding coffee cherries he's picked from a basket full of themSince we started our partnership with the Rainforest Alliance in 2008, we’ve been working together to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing the planet today by changing the way we produce, source and consume the world’s natural resources.

Every Rainforest Alliance Certified farm is required to meet strict guidelines for better farming methods and working conditions, as well as better care for nature.


Celebrating our partnership

In September 2020, we celebrated our 12 years of partnership with the Rainforest Alliance, working in collaboration to ensure that delivering great coffee supports the best possible future for people & nature.

Watch the Costa Coffee and Rainforest Alliance "Follow the frog" videoThis partnership means we were the first UK coffee shop to source 100% of our coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms (as well as our cocoa) helping to ensure that the coffee, and cocoa, we serve in all our drinks has been produced responsibly and sustainably. Learn more about our work with the Rainforest Alliance by watching our 'Follow the frog' video.

So, this means you can be confident that you’re supporting the farmers and forest communities who are looking after our natural resources whenever you choose to drink Costa Coffee.

What's next?

From crop to cup, protecting human and animal welfare is incredibly important to us. Discover how we source our products responsibly here.

Some of the images used on this page can be credited to the Rainforest Alliance.