Building teams that reflect the communities we serve to shape the future of our culture and values.

Investing in our teams

We’re passionate about remaining a great place to work, providing an environment where our people can be themselves and our customers feel represented whenever they visit. That’s why we advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion, and continue to work with our team members to shape the future of our culture and values.


Our targets

By 2025

50% of our senior roles will be held by women. 

By 2025

Over 90% of our direct suppliers will demonstrate compliance with The Coca-Cola Company's human rights standards.

By 2030

Team members will reflect the diversity of each region in which we operate. 

Supporting our Teams

We want our teams to be able to bring their whole selves to work and we want to provide an environment in which everyone can flourish. We also know that we have a responsibility to support them outside of work too, and sometimes life can throw up tough times or challenges that mean we may need a bit of extra support.

That’s why we have worked with Hospitality Action for many years and provide our teams access to their free and confidential Employee Assistance Programme. We hope this support can help them access important and valuable resources at the times when they may need it most.


Our networks

We have four key inclusion networks led by team members, fortified by allies, and open to everyone. While each group excels independently, they prioritise staying connected and collaborating, recognising the diverse nature of people's identities.

Our LGBTQIA+ network, called Shine, is a vibrant community made up of our LGBTQIA+ team members and allies. We believe that everyone should be able to bring their true self to work, and that, through education, understanding, and storytelling, we can inspire our teams to love working for Costa. Annually, Costa Coffee teams participate in PRIDE events & release special-edition PRIDE products to celebrate LGBTQIA+ team members, allies, and customers. Since 2019, we've partnered with Switchboard LGBTQIA+ Helpline, a UK charity. We're truly committed to supporting them, with a £1 donation from each rainbow reusable cup sale going directly to the charity.

Our Inside Out network prioritises well-being by fostering open conversations about both our inner and outer selves. It creates safe spaces for team members to discuss physical and mental well-being, disability, and neurodiversity. The network team builds a supportive community through inclusive events, listening sessions, and networking. They also share crucial information on accessing resources and support, including guidance on our Employee Assistance Programme provided by Hospitality Action.

Learning from diversity of thought is one of the most important ways that we are progressing our inclusion agenda. Racism and discrimination of any kind is not tolerated at Costa – it has no place in society, or in our business. While we have made progress, there is much more we need to do.

Through our internal Culture network, we enable our team members to help us define and reshape our cultural diversity agenda – as we move forward with a renewed purpose to be an ally and demonstrate progress.

Together is our gender balance network, working to support the business on improving gender balance at all levels - from our stores to our most senior leadership positions.

Through open discussions and listening sessions, we gather insight to help make Costa a great place where everyone can thrive in their careers. Our community meets regularly for our Book Club and ‘Popcorn Sessions’ (where we meet to watch a short talk about topics related to gender equality and discuss the themes raised together).

These activities take place regularly, alongside celebrations for events like International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day, with key note speakers and familiar Costa faces.


Crafting careers

imageOur team members are known and admired for their passion and skill in crafting perfect cups of coffee every time. We know that working at Costa Coffee can be a first job, a weekend job, or a career for life. Whatever stage our team members are at in their careers, we want to help them develop and grow.

We provide a huge range of learning and development opportunities, from building confidence in front of customers and colleagues, to supporting them become inspirational coaches and leaders. Not only that, we also offer an extensive set of Apprenticeship opportunities in stores, Costa Express, and in our Support Centre too. In the UK, we currently have over 130 apprentices working across nine standards, including Hospitality, Senior Leader, Finance, Project Management and Business Administration.

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