ready to drink

Our coffee, in a can or bottle, is chilled to perfection. Just pick up your favourite flavour and crack it open.

Don't worry be frappé

Shake up your day with our new iced Frappé range. There's three indulgent flavours to choose from: thick and chocolatey Choc Fudge Brownie, sweet and buttery Caramel Swirl, or rich and creamy Smooth Coffee, all made with our Signature Blend coffee espresso and velvety milk. Pick one up from the store chiller or your fridge at home for the perfect on-the-go treat.

Richer, creamier, indulgent-ier

Enjoy your Costa favorites in a handy can ready to pick up straight from the chiller to take on the day. Introducing our core classics: rich Latte, creamy Vanilla Latte and smooth Caramel Latte. Sensationally smooooooth, proper coffee, in a can.

The big way to kick-start your day

Your Costa favourite flavours as you know them, but in a new shareable size. Try the rich Big Latte and creamy Big Caramel Latte - best served chilled. Big flavour. Bigger bottle.

Full on flavour at the double

Try our bold double shot espresso Flat White. A blend of intense double shot espresso with a dash of milk. It's the perfect way to kick start your day.

Where you can find us

Costa Coffee Frappe ready-to-drink range

Look out for our coffees in a can or bottle in the chiller in any of the following retailers. See your preferred store below to buy online or pick one up on your next visit to enjoy proper coffee in a can.


You'll also find us in: Boots, Booker, Nisa, Spar, Ocado, One Stop, and WHSmith.

Like our ready to drink products? Then you'll love our at home recipes

From scrumptiously energising breakfast 'Morning Mocha Overnight Oats' using our ready-to-drink Latte in a can, to creamy 'Flat White Fudge', follow our recipes to learn how to elevate your coffee moments at home in a variety of uniquely delicious ways.


All beans are Rainforest Alliance certified

Nutrition and allergens advice

Please check our nutritional data on our Costa at home range of products for full allergen information.


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