and diversity

We advocate passionately for inclusion and diversity and believe that everyone should be able to bring their whole selves to work.

Everyone is welcome

imageAs an organisation, we know that diversity helps us to thrive. It gives us the opportunity to think and do things differently, so we can create a place where our teams love to work and our customers feel represented.

We work closely with our team members to shape the future of our inclusion agenda, so that we can keep listening, learning and holding ourselves accountable.


For every one of our reusable rainbow cups sold we donate £1 to Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

Our networks

We've got three important team member led inclusion networks. They're strengthened by allies and open to all; because we want to help everyone to Shine, everyone to be their true selves from the Inside Out and everyone to feel like they truly Belong.

These groups do some fantastic work individually, but also put real effort into staying connected and collaborating – because we know that people’s identities don’t fit neatly into boxes. Check below to learn more.


Shine LogoOur LGBT+ network, called ‘Shine’ is our most established group.

Each year, Costa Coffee team members represent the company at PRIDE events, and we’ve nailed our inclusive colours to the mast by releasing some special-edition PRIDE products in celebration of our LGBT+ teams, allies and customers.

In 2019, profit from the sale of our rainbow reusable cups was donated to Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline; a UK based charity providing a helpline and online chat service to the LGBT+ community, 365 days a year.

In 2020 we extended the range and made it available in all UK stores, in response to customer feedback with £1 from the sale of each PRIDE reusable donated to Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline.

Inside Out

Costa Coffee Inside Out logoWe know how important it is for everyone in our business to feel supported, both at work and at home. That’s why we set up our mental wellbeing network, called ‘Inside Out’, which is a major part of our inclusion agenda.

Through this network, our members aim to create an environment where mental wellbeing can be discussed openly and without stigma; through events, listening and networking sessions. They also provide vital information on how to access resources and support – this includes reminding people how to access our Employee Assistance Programme, provided by our friends at Hospitality Action.


Belong logoRacism and discrimination of any kind is not tolerated at Costa – it has no place in society, or in our business.

Learning from the diversity of thought that our people bring to our business based on their nationality, ethnicity, and their life experiences, is one of the most important ways that we are progressing our inclusion agenda. We’ve already learned so much from our team members, and will continue to make sure we listen to the valuable perspectives they share.

Through our internal ‘Belong’ network, we enable our team members to help us define and reshape our cultural diversity agenda – as we move forward with a renewed purpose to be an ally and demonstrate progress. In 2020, this began with a sequence of listening events and working groups attended by team members from all around the world.