Nutrition and wellbeing

At Costa Coffee, we just love great tasting food and drinks made from good ingredients.

Our commitment to your wellbeing

Costa Coffee flat white with coffee beansWe’re committed to providing credible healthier choices and have a long-term plan to improve the nutritional balance of our menu.

As one part of this commitment, we will seek to reduce added sugar in all our drinks range by 25% by 2020 and to support Public Health England’s 20% by 2020 sugar reduction in the relevant food categories.

While only 32% of Costa Coffee drinks contain added sugar (including a Cappuccino which has an optional chocolate dusting) we have made some significant changes to our menu through reformulation, introducing more healthier alternatives and reviewing our portion sizes.


Our Latte has no added sugar and, when served in a small size with skimmed milk, contains just 70 calories

Costa Coffee Latte with pourAs a member of the Out of Home Food and Drink Alliance made up of leading High Street brands we have actively engaged with both Department of Health and Public Health England in support of their sugar, salt and calorie reduction programmes as well as initiatives to support clear customer information. Read the Out of Home Food and Drink Alliance’s Code of Practice, here.

Costa Coffee is also a member of the British Nutrition Foundation and works with organisations such as Action on Sugar and Action on Salt to ensure that the decisions we make on nutrition and wellbeing reflect best practice.


There are over 600 different variants of barista made drinks available at Costa Coffee

Got a question?

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions surrounding nutrition we’ve been asked.

How to make your drink lighter

Try a dairy free milk

Request a plant based milk, like almond or soy, in your drink

Go sugar-free

Choose one of our sugar-free syrups without added calories

Downsize your order

Order your favourite drink in a smaller size

Go easy on the syrup

Ask for fewer or no pumps of syrup

Try our light dairy swirl

Made from semi-skimmed milk – looks like cream, tastes amazing and 100Kcal less per serving

Stay sweet without sugar

Replace granulated sugar with plant-based, sugar-free stevia

What's next?

A key ingredient to our coffee is the expert way it's served. Want to learn more about the people behind a great cup of coffee?

**Excluding the Flat White and Cortado

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