Our coffees

Start something new this year and try one of our delicious coffees with any alternative milk – for free*.


Short & Intense

The Espresso is where it all begins. Its rich aroma is the heartbeat of all our coffees. We craft one simple shot of our intense roast for the most elegant of drinks.

Our iconic Mocha Italia blend is the perfect balance of fine Arabica and strong Robusta beans, slow roasted to lock in flavour and aroma

This one's a real gem

Made with Ruby cocoa that gives the drink its stunningly natural rose-colour, our new Ruby Hot Chocolate is infused with sweet berry flavours, crowned with a swirl of cream and finished with red shimmer chocolate curls. It's a little taste of pure luxury.

Free from dairy. Full of flavour.

This is a fresh take on one of your favourites: made with sweet coconut and subtle vanilla, this latte tastes even better than usual.

New year, new toastie

Our meal deal just turned over a new leaf. Pop in store from 11am onwards and choose from a range of plant-based and dairy-free menu options as part of your lunch. That's a main, a side and a drink for just £4.95**.

A club for every occasion

If you love our Coffee, you’ll love our Coffee Club. Get 100 free points (£1) on us when you join and you'll earn points on every purchase.

Costa Coffee Club app screen

*Free alternative milks full terms and conditions

**£4.95 meal deal full terms and conditions