Costa Foundation

Changing lives one school at a time.

Building schools and futures

The farmers who grow coffee around the world are an essential part of our business – we couldn’t keep inspiring the world to love great coffee without them! However, we know that many coffee-growing communities are in remote rural areas in some of the world’s poorest countries, and children in these communities often have little or no access to education.

Costa Foundation logoThe mission of the Costa Foundation is to fund schools and school projects in coffee-growing communities which provide the opportunity to access a safe, quality education. The charity does this by:

  • Building new schools or extending existing ones

  • Investing in water supplies and providing electricity

  • Furnishing the new buildings

  • Providing computers and other essential technology

  • Building toilets and teacher accommodation

  • Promoting gender equality

  • Developing land for students to grow crops.

Our achievements to date

£20 million+

has been raised


children educated

100 new schools

have been built

Change a child's life story

Costa Foundation school childrenEducation is the key to changing children’s life stories, so we're working hard to build quality schools. They are built in some of the world’s most remote communities, with locations carefully chosen to provide support where it is most needed.

The Costa Foundation supports these communities without expecting anything in return, which means we are often helping farmers in areas where we are not able to buy coffee. We don’t do things by halves, and we definitely don’t do average. Our fundraising builds brilliant schools for amazing young people.

10 different countries across the coffee belt now benefit from a Costa Foundation school project, including Colombia, Uganda and Vietnam. We’re really proud of all that the charity has achieved so far and are looking forward to changing the life stories of even more children in the future.

School child

Get involved

The Costa Foundation is only able to keep building schools because our incredible team members put so much enthusiasm and effort into fundraising all year round, and thanks to the continued generosity of our customers and suppliers. Find out more about our fundraising below and learn more about the impact this is having on children around the world by visiting the Costa Foundation website.

For every four reusable cups sold, we donate £1 to the Costa Foundation

Student stories

Each of the children who have attended a Costa Foundation school so far is a unique individual with their own story to tell. Like Jennifer, in Honduras, who had to drop out of school to support her two younger brothers and herself when she lost her parents. Thanks to the Costa Foundation Jennifer is again back in school. You can learn all about Jennifer's journey and others helped by the Costa Foundation by following the link below.

Putting the fun firmly into fundraising

We are always amazed by the creative ideas that our teams come up with to raise money for the Costa Foundation, as well as the support of our partners and customers.

In our stores, you may spot fundraising games on the counter and hear about our team members' contributions by exciting challenges and fun events. Check below for some of our favourites to look out for.

Costa Coffee Foundation Friday

Foundation Fridays

On Fridays, our teams get creative when it comes to fundraising. In 2019 we launched our ‘Foundation Fridays’. This means that, on the last Friday of every month, you may spot your local store going all out to raise money for the Costa Foundation; please do support them if you can.

Changing lives one challenge at a time

Our team members also throw themselves into personal challenges like sponsored silences and marathons, and invest time into organising in-store events such as quiz nights or music nights for their local communities.

Costa Coffee 3 Peak Challenge

Rising to the '3 Peaks Challenge'

There's one especially important moment in our fundraising calendar that we look forward to: our iconic 3 Peaks Challenge. Our teams, suppliers and partners gather to participate: whether that’s by walking, driving or simply supporting the event. In recent years, generous donations have meant that we are able to build a whole new school from 3 Peaks fundraising alone!

Costa Foundation Lemon

When life gives you lemons, balance a coin on them

Balance 20p on a lemon and win yourself a free small drink. 20p per play which goes straight to the Costa Foundation. It's not as easy as you might think.

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