Make your own
Cup Craft Gift

Make your own Puppet Play Kit

Watch our video and follow the simple steps below to learn how to make a fun Puppet Play Kit using your used Costa Christmas cups.

You will need:


  • Various Costa Coffee cups

  • Costa straws

  • Costa napkins

  • Coffee stirrers

  • Cardboard

  • Glue

  • Scissors


Ready? Let's go

Step 1: First, rinse your takeaway cups thoroughly and the cut a medium and a small cup in half.

Step 2: Apply glue liberally to a sheet of cardboard and then stick the half cup segments to the cardboard.

Step 3: Next, cut around the cups closely until you reach the top of the larger cup, then cut straight across to remove the middle section .

Step 4: Remove outer paper from three large Costa cups and then cut one outer paper in half and stick to the empty section of your cardboard, along with another full outer piece of paper to form top of your stage . Trim your remaining outer paper into a rectangle around the Costa logo .

imageStep 5: Measure each side and cut some straws to length to form a border. Glue together to form your sign and stick to the centre of your stage .

Step 6: Concertina fold 2 napkins and stick them to the back of your stage to form the stage curtains .

Step 7: Finally, choose whichever characters you like from our selection of cups, cut them out and stick your cut-out characters onto some of our coffee stirrers. You're then ready to act out some festive scenes with your finished theatre!

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