A small but mighty coffee. A rich, intense cup topped off with textured milk. It packs the biggest punch of all our coffees. To finish, we sign it off with some signature coffee art.

The small but mighty taste of our classic Cortado with a sweet touch. Two shots of coffee swirled with caramel, velvety milk and finished with caramel crumb.

The short, dark, and handsome hero of the Cortado family. A double shot of coffee swirled with Costa signature hot chocolate and finished with a dusting of chocolate.

We’ve teamed up with master chocolatiers, Lindt, to bring back a delectable chocolate option just in time for Easter. The luxurious Lindt Hot Chocolate, a customer favourite from the 2016 Christmas menu.

This indulgent chorizo topped Toastie is filled with British chicken, roasted red peppers and melting mozzarella cheese to truly indulge.

An amazing chocolate cake – layers of chocolate sponge with Belgian Chocolate ganache and topped with Belgian Chocolate Buttercream. With Easter just around the corner, we need to include a full-on chocolate indulgence.