Costa Coffee for Business

Great coffee is big business. With an expected year on year annual growth of 12%, the market is set to double in turnover by 2025.

Inspiring the world to love great coffee

Costa Coffee flat white with coffee beansToday’s coffee market can often feel complex, extravagant and somewhat intimidating. But consumers’ love of great coffee is driving significant growth. And the market is responding.

As non-specialists like retailers, pubs and service stations enter the already booming market to compete for coffee shop spend, good coffee has never been more within reach.

But we at Costa Coffee don’t deliver good coffee. We pride ourselves in delivering great coffee. And we exist to elevate the coffee experience and make it fun and accessible for everyone.

Find out how Costa Coffee can fit in with your business needs by exploring our wide range of opportunities below. From franchising to high-tech self-serve Costa Express machines, we’re proud to serve you and your business.


As a nation, we now drink 44 million cups of espresso-based drinks every week

Why Costa Coffee?

With more choice available, coffee consumers are becoming more and more discerning. Costa Coffee believes that everyone deserves great coffee and we exist to make coffee accessible and interesting for everyone in every channel, for every partner location.

Costa Coffee has the greatest share of the branded coffee shop market because we are the ‘Nation’s Favourite*’ coffee shop brand. Customers choose Costa Coffee because they love and trust the brand to deliver a quality coffee experience every time, everywhere.

Our on-going commitment to make coffee accessible and interesting for everyone is what makes the brand loved today by all ages and lifestyles. That’s why we know Costa Coffee can drive sales for you.

Welcome to the Costa Coffee portfolio

We continue to work with new and existing partners to grow across a broad range of channels to realise our ambition of being able ‘To Inspire the World to Love Great Coffee’. Explore our choice of initiatives below to find the perfect solution to your business requirements.

Costa Coffee Full Store Franchise

2,200+ stores nationwide

Costa Coffee full store franchise offers you the opportunity to incorporate one of our famous stores into your business, delivering the same experience our customers have come to know and love. We’re there for support, and to ensure that your customers will always enjoy the quality coffee, and stylish ambience of the authentic Costa Coffee shop.

Proud to Serve Costa

Over 150 partners operating in over 3,500 locations

Proud To Serve is a streamlined coffee offer that allows our partners to serve quality Costa coffee within their own environments. This proposition enables our partners to offer a range of Costa Coffee hot beverages, Costa Ice and Costa impulse snacks alongside their existing offer.

Costa Express

Over 8,000 machines installed

Our Costa Express self-serve coffee bars were developed for partners looking to offer customers a quality Costa coffee on the go, made with the same freshly ground beans and fresh milk you would find in stores.

*The question ‘What is your favourite branded coffee shop chain?’ asked to the Allegra independent panel (over 4,000 people) of which 47% cited Costa. Click here for full terms and conditions.