Barista stories

We're as passionate about our people as we are our coffee. Learn about our Baristas at the very heart of our business and who we're proud to support.

Recognising our people


Our Baristas are very much the public face of Costa Coffee, known and respected for their passion and craft. They are the heart of our business and pour theirs into every cup they serve.

We may have closed our stores during lockdown, but some of our people didn't stand still. We hear from some of our talented Baristas on how they’ve been keeping busy.

Marc Cain

- Maldon Blackwater store


I’d been so excited to get my job with Costa and very proud to open the new store in Maldon Blackwater.

I never sit still and, just before the store closed, one of our customers suggested I sign up to sew scrubs for Broomfield. I’ve never made anything more than a tablecloth, but I was excited about helping a local hospital. Soon I’d cut my first patterns and sewed two sets of scrubs.

Part of me was driven by the fact that I had been due to marry my partner in April. Now we had no wedding and no honeymoon – I was determined to make this time count. So I sewed scrubs and masks for key workers.

I used old shirts and curtains, basically any material I could get. Between sewing sessions, I found the opening ribbon from when our store opened, and I made a mask from it – something to be proud of!

The overall experience was amazing with so many highs and lows, but I’ve loved working with 90 other local sewers and making new friends. I’ve told everyone to come and see me when we open our store again.


"Thank you so much for the wonderful Costa Coffee cans that you so kindly donated. I cannot tell you how happy and appreciated we all feel."

- St Martin's Hospital, Bath and Paulton Hospital

We've missed you too

We've been enjoying welcoming you back to our stores and have received some lovely messages from our regulars, like this fantastic poem sent to our team at the St. James RP store in Sheffield.

"Yes! We're starting to get back together - the readers, the meeters, the catch ups, the drivers, the walk-ins, the noisy ones, the quiet ones, (the ones who just sneak in to use the loo!), baristas, the cleaners, the managers too! Just want to say - we've missed you! Welcome back - stay safe, stay well." - Steve Robertson & family

Sophie Williams

- Hereford High Street store

Barista holding a Costa Coffee cup

I’ve been working with Costa Coffee since November 2019 but, when my store closed, I started working at Hereford County Hospital as a Healthcare Assistant.

I’ve really missed working in the Costa store with everyone. We’re all like a family and have kept in touch with one another regularly whilst we’ve been apart.

At the hospital, I’ve completed all of my training and I’m now beginning my own journey of being an independent Healthcare Assistant.

All my shifts have been within the COVID-19 wards which has been scary. You realise you’re putting yourself at risk, but I’ve loved being able to help people. I want to become a Children’s Nurse one day!

I knew by taking this opportunity during lockdown, this would be a perfect way to start. I’m looking forward to seeing my Costa colleagues again and can hopefully look to do both jobs alongside each other long term.


"I want to thank you for your generous donation of a variety of cakes and milk for our crews. Your thoughtful gift to our staff is much appreciated and well received."

- Derbyshire Division at
East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS trust

Feeling inspired?

If you think you have what it takes to become a skilled barista and would like to join the Costa Coffee family, then click here to visit our careers website.