Making the Coffee the World Loves

Working toward a sustainable future

Costa Coffee Flat WhiteOur responsible sourcing journey (quite unsurprisingly) starts with our coffee - the product at the absolute core of our business, and one we take a huge amount of pride in. We're always investing back into the coffee-growing industry that our business depends upon, so that we can keep inspiring the world to love great coffee for years to come.

We're also looking beyond our coffee to make sure that all our critical commodities are sourced to recognised global standards. To do this, we work closely with our suppliers, sustainable practice experts and NGOs to ensure we are making responsible decisions for people and planet.

Costa Foundation

We support our charity, the Costa Foundation, to improve the lives of those working and living within some of the world’s most remote coffee-growing communities.

Rainforest Alliance

Ensuring that 100% of our coffee comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms means that for every cup we serve, we give back to the coffee growers and their families.

Responsible sourcing

Whether it's purchasing sustainably grown coffee, protecting human rights, or maintaining animal welfare standards, we always source our products with integrity, from crop to cup.