Stay cool with a refreshing hit of summer

The new Costa Ice menu now has more flavour than ever.

If it’s too hot for your favourite coffee, just try it over ice – poured or blended, it’s up to you! If you’d prefer a boost with something fruity and refreshing, our fruit coolers are just the ticket. Need a bit of zest in your life? Pick up an iced lemonade. Or for something truly rich and decadent, our creamy coolers will hit the spot when it’s time to indulge. 

Over Ice

Our Iced drinks are available in a tempting range of flavours.

Iced Coffees start with one of five Costa classics which are then poured over ice - ideal for a perfect pick-me-up that'll put a spring in your step!

Or, if you fancy some zest in your life, Iced Lemonades are available in a tantalising range of fruity flavours poured over ice and ready for a refreshing hit of summer!

Blended Drinks

Creamy Coolers are packed full of cream, blended with ice and available in one of four fantastic flavours, making for a tantalising treat!

Fruit Coolers are available in three fabulously fruity flavours, all whizzed up with ice for a smooth satisfying summer drink!

Coffee Coolers start with our famous mocha italia blend which is then whizzed up with ice for a refreshing summer boost!

Over Ice

Blended with ice