Costa Short Story Award

In 2012 we launched the Costa Short Story Award, given to a single story and not voted for against the other categories. The public votes for the winner from six shortlisted stories selected by our five judges and published on this website. All shortlisted stories are available on this page to download and either listen to or read.

The 2016 Costa Short Story Award

Entry to this year's Short Story Award is now closed. Thank you so much for submitting your entries!

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Previous Winners

Winner: Danny Murphy for Rogey
Second: Erin Soros for Fallen
Third: Annalisa Crawford for Watching the Storms Roll In

Winner: Zoe Gilbert for Fishskin, Hareskin
Second: Paula Cunningham for The Matchboy
Third: Joanne Meek for Jellyfish

Winner: Angela Readman for The Keeper of the Jackalopes
Second: Kit de Waal for The Old Man and the Suit
Third: Tony Bagley for The Forgiveness Thing

Winner: Avril Joy for Millie and Bird
Second: Chioma Okereke for Trompette de la Mort
Third: Guy Le Jeune for Small Town Removal

All shortlisted stories are available here for you to download and enjoy:

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Key Dates


July 2016

Shortlist Announced

Late November 2016

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December 2016 to January 2017

Winner Announced

End January 2017

2015 Costa Short Story Award Finalists

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By Erin Soros Read by Barbara Barnes

"I haven't heard yet which arm Simple lost. As soon as I glimpse him sitting in the centre of the logging camp, perched in a chair on the wooden sidewalk, I see that his right is gone ..."

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Gerardo Dreams of Chillies

By Niall Bourke Read by Nicolas Colicos

"Gerardo watched the smoke from his cigarette tumble upwards as beside him Alejandro drove the truck, intent on eating up the remaining two hundred and fifty kilometres to Puebla ..."

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By Danny Murphy Read by Sam Dale

"Lately I've been thinking a lot about Rogey. I first met him when he was just fourteen. I'd volunteered at a youth club in Falkirk in those long ago days before there was training, screening or anything much other than a naive belief that volunteering at a youth club was a good thing to do..."

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The Night Office

By Peggy Riley Read by Kate Dyson

"Her quill scrapes in darkness. It cuts me, the sound of it, gouging paper. Scritch-scratch. It is so dark I cannot see her, but I know where she is, hunched over the desk in the corner, under the tiny window in the absence of moon ..."

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To William Burroughs, from His Wife

By Rupert Thomson Read by Stephanie Ellyne

"Do you remember Texas? You were nobody then. I wore loose dresses, I was carrying your child. This was 1947. Just before Christmas I'd landed in Bellevue Psycho Ward, my brain crackling and spooked with Benzedrine, but you came to New York, and you sprang me ..."

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Watching the Storms Roll In

By Annalisa Crawford Read by Jenny Funnell

"We sit on the beach, you and I, side by side. I've taken off my shoes and burrowed my feet into the sand. We watch the storm coming in, the bubbling black clouds and the faint growl of thunder ..."

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Gerardo Dreams of Chillies- Niall Bourke
Rogey- Danny Murphy
The Night Office- Peggy Riley
To William Burroughs, from His Wife- Rupert Thomson
Watching the Storms Roll In- Annalisa Crawford
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